Life with three kids really makes you lose track of time and documenting things the third time around. Oye vey! Hollyn has been 3 months since the 8th so I'm clearly delayed with sharing on the blog but I couldn't let myself not share, you know?

I don't feel like much has changed over the last month other then her filling out more and being more aware of her surroundings. She's always smiling and giggly when she is awake and loves to sit up. We have the bumbo and boppy on hand all the time because it's her preferred method of relaxing.

She's 13.5 pounds and just bumped to size 3-6 months in clothes. I snagged a few pieces from KicKee Pants with the size change and my goodness, I can't wait to share them! They have the best jammies- my brother and sister-in-law are expecting and I've already passed down all our old KicKee Pants items that were gender neutral for them to use too.

Anyway, I'll be back in just a couple weeks with her 4 month update! We find out March 8th if she needs a helmet for the flat spot on her head so I'll have more to chat through then.