Does this girl have style or what?! It's been blazing (okay, not really but kind of) in AZ lately and we're prepping for some fun splash pad and pool dates with our friends so we simply had to snag some new goodies from the Kortni Jeane collection that launched last week!

Tiny hearts and chartreuse? Could that pairing be any better? I also just have to note how stinking adorable that behind of Emery's looks in these high-waist bottoms. I just want to SQUEEZE her!

What are some fun things you typically do during the summer months with the kiddos? It'll be nice having Emery a touch older this year and us as a family more settled- ie: not pregnant in the summer and hibernating inside with the AC- so we can really embrace the warmth and spend time outside before it really gets too hot to do anything but sit under a fan or inside your fridge. :)

I had to snag a swimmer for myself and for Hollyn too! Can you just picture Holls in that darling bonnet and some floral shades and chunky arms? I can't even contain my excitement for that situation. We have our first splash pad date on the books for next week so you know I'll be spamming you on instagram!