Sometimes mama needs some time for herself and included in that, I think a little TLC is totally fine. A few years ago I had Dysport done on my forehead - which if you aren't aware, it's parallel to Botox - and I went really conservatively then because it was foreign to me. Honestly, I didn't want people to know I had it done or could tell. I also had it done to help with my migraines and at the time, it really did help them!

All throughout my pregnancy I told Andrew I wanted to do it again when Hollyn was born to just smooth out some harsh lines on my forehead that were starting to bother me. Totally a personal choice as he thinks it's a dumb idea but I was stuck on doing it. Fast forward a couple months after Hollyn was born and I started getting migraines even more often and more severe. They became debilitating again to where I could hardly open my eyes as it was light sensitive and noise made me crazy. That sold me on wanting to find another method to help them further so doing Botox, or Dysport was on my radar even more.

For disclosure purposes, I've tried it ALL for migraines. Medications, preventative prescriptions, oils, food diets, acupuncture, massages, chiropractor visits.. you name it. The only thing that helps relieves them a bit is a touch of peppermint oil, excedrin migraine, a dark room, cold wash cloth on my head and sleep. Having done Dysport was the only other method that relaxed my muscles to calm them, which lasted about 5-6 months.

All that said, I recently met with Carly from Glo Medspa in Scottsdale, AZ and had Dysport done again! I went in with an open mind this time knowing I wanted to combat some things cosmetically but also help my migraines. We chatted about what would be the best route to take with units (how much is injected) and where to help smooth things out best as well as ease those headache pains and overall, I had 70 units injected throughout my forehead, between my eyes and on my temples. 

Ready for the before?

Let's not discuss how unattractive that up close is but talk about some serious muscles in my face. I typically rest my face with my brow furrowing and that's what was beginning to bother me as it was leaving an indention between my eyes without making an "angry face". The lines across my forehead don't bother me as much but Carly mentioned doing Dysport there and in the temples will help the migraines- that's why we went ahead with combating those two areas.

I also opted to add a touch of filler in my cheeks using Restalyne Lyft because I also did this a couple years back and I absolutely loved how it opened my eyes making look not as tired and giving my cheeks just a touch more definition. You can barely tell in the below pic, but the smallest amount made a huge impact for me.

It's been nearly three weeks since having this all done so I wanted to share how it's settled and where I'm at with migraines too. I typically would have a standard headache daily and about two migraines a week where it was leaving me in bed but since this was done, 19 days ago, I've had ONE migraine- today, actually. Lol! I would call that progress and am so happy about having it done to help ease that pain.

As for the results with movement, it's hard to really tell in the pics below but there are no lines forming when I frown or lift my forehead and that's amazing! I'm not trying to look younger, by any means, I am just learning the value of taking care of yourself and skin and to me, I wanted to smooth out detailing and this did just that.

those are my natural lashes thanks to the below products!

If you're an AZ local or are willing to travel, I highly recommend Carly at Glo Medspa! She was so sweet and informative with what products she was using and why she was injecting a particular way, all during my appointment. You can follow her, here, for more before and afters or call 480.419.9605 to book!

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