I want this room to be my room. Is that allowed to be said? It turned out to beautiful and whimsy but with the rustic touches I was dreaming of. I shared some inspiration here and was so excited as pieces arrived but it's blown me away being all together and complete.

Since we completed the space, she's been sleeping in her bed like a big girl with zero problems. She hasn't gotten up to get me or even left her bed when she's supposed to be sleeping. I'm so happy we made the transition when we did because it was a battle deciding when the right time was. I refrained from keep toys in site outside of the tent and a few books because I didn't want to encourage her to get up and play. That said, just outside her door is her kitchen and the play room with a plethora of options to choose from!

This has been a labor of love and I'm beyond pleased this space was created just for her. I told Andrew we can't ever move or that wall is coming with us. Haha!


dresser, frames