Taking a look back on 2017, I've found I just didn't love the year. It wasn't one of extreme growth and excitement or really low moments where we were struggling. I always compare now to 2016 and how it was the lowest year and the highest year for our household. We experienced a serious accident with Andrew and he had his finger and part of his hand amputated and we welcomed our second daughter. It was a roller coaster of a year and I don't know if we will experience one quite like it again.

That said, we had a lot of changes in 2017. Spring we made the decision for Andrew to switch jobs but the process took us all the way through December when he finally moved.

Summer we put our 3rd home on the market and moved into our 4th (and beloved) space.

Late summer I was hired with a company I loved, doing something I loved.

Fall, we celebrated 3 kiddo birthdays, honored a legacy of our sweet grandpa Wimpy when he went to be with Jesus, and I was let go from the position I started in the summer.

Winter changed things immensely when Andrew finally moved jobs within Discount Tire and we took a huge pay cut... shortly after I lost my job.


I’ve never been closer to our Savior. Ever. He holds all our burdens if we let Him. He sustains our life if we give Him the Glory and ability to walk alongside us. He knows the path we will walk and presents us with these obstacles because He knows we will make it through.

We normally let Christmas linger a little after Dec 25th but this year it felt right to clear out, clean the house, start fresh and regroup for the coming year.

2018... we’re ready for you!

Happy New Year, all. Be safe tonight!