I was driving around today with the girls questioning myself over and over what darn day of the week it was. Yesterday was a holiday meaning the week felt off to get started. All day today, Emery kept asking for Drake, saying how she missed him and I kept thinking he'd be home tomorrow (wrong). I'm out of office tomorrow because of appointments I have so taking a day during the week also is keeping me all confused.

So tonight, I finally popped in the shower after the babies went down, scrolled Pinterest for a few minutes before digging into work and found all this inspo for my mood and January. That month it's not quite warm and spring-y but it's not cool and crisp and all things white and wintery. Although, it may be in some states - it isn't in Arizona, 70's here.

I'm so completely drawn to the soft tones with rich pops of color. Caramel, cognac, oxblood, emerald, sage, mustard. It's all the vibes I'm going for. And puppies. I have puppies on the brain! Trying to talk my husband into a Goldendoodle but he isn't buying it.

We're slowly updating light fixtures in the house so that bathroom in the bottom right corner is helping me see how the kids bathroom can be as we already have that incredible Anthropologie shower curtain in it. I've been spending consistent amounts of time doing Barre3 classes and falling in love with the feeling of taking care of myself again. Similarly, I'm back into meal prepping and eating clean is all the difference.

Fresh bedding in all the rooms, oversized, cozy cardigans and a new "snake" plant peeks out in our laundry room. Now you can see exactly why those pics above is my January mood.