Happy Friday! I woke up today thinking it was Wednesday and we still had a few day until the weekend but then it hit me and I realized, we're about to head into a long weekend and embrace 2018!

I've been feeling completely ready to start page 1 of 365 and see what God has to offer us. We're in a season of adjustment and trusting in Him with each and every move we make and it's calming to know we have that peace He provides. It's given me the ability to let go of the control I'm constantly wanting to have and let things happen as they may. With the kids, with work, with our relationships and friends. It's freeing.

I think my word for 2018 is GRATITUDE.

I want to be grateful for where God leads us, how I adapt to curve balls, how I embrace and appreciate my body and all it does and can do, and thankful for the ones I have in my life investing in me, especially Andrew. 2017 wasn't super low like 2016 was or super high, again, like 2016 was, but it was one I'm okay to see go.

What's some goals or ways you're wanting to soak in 2018?