I'm slow to blogging lately and it's because my time and efforts are being focused on other areas the last... year? Oops! It's really just been a a busy season of life since Hollyn arrived. Although it's been easy and seamless, I've found myself committed to more, working more, investing more...etc.

So the random pop in's will have to do.

February is a month of all things love. While I personally think it's a complete Hallmark Holiday, it doesn't keep me from all the pink, flowers, girly makeup and sweet sentiments. Andrew and I have the understanding not to celebrate and it's been that way since we were married but since the girls joined the family, it's always fun to pull out the glitter and paints and make some Valetine's Day cards to send in the mail to all the family.

Who wouldn't want to get struck by cupid from those cute little girls?! ;)