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Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and while we don't typically celebrate as a couple in our home, it's still nice to acknowledge the day a bit. I say we don't celebrate because we both feel it's overly Hallmark but instead of making it a special day with chocolates and flowers, we're mixing it up!

Here are three things Andrew and I brainstormed and thought would be fun to do as a couple without being so set on the idea of all things love and overly priced teddy bears. ;)

Head to a resort in town or a lodge to take a night off from being parents - if you are parents - to focus on each other. The hustle and bustle of kiddos can take it out of you and create so much of a routine it's not always the forefront of our minds to invest in our marriage and intimacy. Take a break! Have some wine and yummy food and rekindle that romance while building and growing your marriage.

Go together to have a spa day. Pack up a bag with some books and magazines, your favorite slippers and a robe and spend an afternoon doing massages together, a facial or pedicure while your man gets a straight edge shave and hair cut. Something to pamper yourselves but do it together!

Go visit a place that brings back early memories of your relationship. Andrew proposed at a park by our first home and it's a great one to take the family. It has a dog park attached, a pond to feed the ducks, a huge playgrounds, tables for eating, and a library right next to it. Load up your bags with all the gear for a picnic, pack up some frisbees and a football and take the whole family. While you're at it, tell the kids about why it's a special place to you and your spouse. Teach them all about simple things and how you can invest from day one throughout your whole lifetime together.