Happy Tuesday! It's a rainy day in PHX today so after running some errands this morning and getting the house picked up, Emmy and I are snuggling in for a movie and popcorn while Hollyn naps.

Recently I've been receiving negative comment after negative comment and it's really bringing a new light to how the social world has evolved. I'm feeling so much like people are hiding behind a screen sharing what they think should be voiced when in reality, it's not serving anyone. It's blatantly degrading, negative, and is only hurting someone when spoken.

What's the point of that?

Why would be model that and show our kids that's okay?

Have you ever thought about it in that light? Never do I want my kids seeing me speaking down to someone as if they are inferior, or unworthy. Everyone is a Child of God. He spoke life into this world, He spoke this world into motion and we are all here to serve and better His Kingdom. I'm not here to make someone else feel unloved, unwanted, insecure, unworthy... etc. I'm here to show them they're valued, honored, needed, and there's no one else in this entire world like them.


That is powerful. It should make you as a person feel empowered!

I want to encourage you all today and the rest of this week to spend time thinking about it in that light. If you come across something negative, speak kindness over it or that person if it's someone doing something negative. It could be anything - something as simple as "You are worthy", "You are valuable", "God chose you"... whatever.

Would you do that with me?