After 12 months, it's hard to keep up with how old your kiddo is. I'm not the mom who says my little one is 34 months or 57 weeks. It was hard enough doing a monthly picture during the first year of Hollyn's life but I had to make that happen - mostly for her sake so she didn't feel inferior to Emery who has a 12 month timeline. Did you mamas do that for both your kiddos?

She's now 15 months old and has such a fun personality!


  • She started walking! It took her about a month from the time of taking steps to making walking her mode of transportation. She chose to crawl a lot more than walk for a while because she was able to keep up with Emery and Drake. It's real darn cute seeing those little legs waddle around every where now!

  • Sleep? That's a good joke! She's still up throughout the night at least once, if not twice. I do blame me for this. I suck at being consistent with her because I love my sleep. It's easier for me to snag a bottle at 2am and she passes right back out versus me fighting her for 2 hours to fall back asleep without a crutch. This is 100% me, and maybe I'll wean her eventually.

  • Speaking of bottle, yep, she still uses one. I can see you all silently judging me! But really, she's my baby and what baby wants, baby gets. No? ;)

  • Another crutch that should've been weaned a while back or not given to her at all? Pacifier. She's a wubbanub hoarder and has 3-5 in her hands at all times. It's freaking cute. I can't seem to take them away from her. She even sees one from across the room, bolts for it and literally throws her body on top of it giggling. I CAN'T EVEN.

  • She's still my tiny girl and finally upgraded to 9-12 months clothing. What a difference with her from Emery who was in 18-24 month clothes at this age. I have one girl who's tall and mighty and one who's petite and calm. The perfect kind of balance, though!

  • We did find she has eczema, just like me, so we've been swapping out some clothes to soft, cozy ones to help her throughout the night with scratching. Poor girl just itches and itches those little thighs, again, just like me, and it breaks my heart when she's in pain. We are progressively getting Clover Baby and Kids for jammies because they're so delicate on her sensitive skin. I also made an ointment for her with our essential oils and it's helped immensely! Shameless plug, I reached out to the awesome team at Clover Baby and Kids about their jammies and their customer support was incredible! We decided to team up for a giveaway very soon - be on the lookout!

You may not care about this little update, but I'm trying hard to get back to my roots with blogging and keeping it for documenting sake for our family with milestones, updates, and a way to remember all about our babies!

Happy Tuesday.