Let's go back to November 2016. Hollyn was born early November and I felt like we were in the swing of things quickly and seamlessly. Andrew went to Colorado when she was a few days old to celebrate his Grandpa's birthday, I was at church within 4 days and we were out running errands, living life as our family of 5.

Fast forward to February time frame. I was working more often than I have before, still trying to get adequate sleep, while maintaining a solid marriage, social life, and commitment to our church family. I began feeling stretched thin and run down. I was having more rough days than good days and it was something I wasn't totally aware of.

April comes along and it clicked to me. Everything was moving in slow motion. I was tired, fatigued, not wanting to do anything or motivated to make changes. I was crying alone, not talking about my stress, anxiety or uncertainty of my mood. May is when I decided to reach out to my doctor. I started an antidepressant dosage, Zoloft, and started to see a positive light.

I'm not one who likes to be dependent on medication. While I fully believe it's something that really only masks a problem or causes more side effects, it was helping so I felt like I didn't have another avenue. So time went on, I was feeding my body a prescription daily to help feel better and that's that.

Come July, we were moving again (because that's what we do! lol) and while I've been a Young Living member for a handful of months to help combat Andrew's nerve pain and support achy gums for Hollyn with teething, I wasn't using my kit outside of things I already knew. The team I had joined offered a lot of resources through Facebook groups so I started reading. All things hormonal, all things lady related, and all things I could do to help combat PPD naturally.

I ordered a handful of oils outside of the starter kit and I saw changes happen... and quickly. It's like a switch was flipped and I saw a light. While I knew the oils worked because it was helping immensely with Andrew and with our kids, I wasn't a product of the product. I wasn't using them to their full potential. But I started to and changes were made and our home is almost completely chemical free now.

Chemical FREE.

Talk about empowering. Natural deodorant, non-toxic household cleaners, laundry detergent that isn't laced with synthetic fragrances or candles full of junk. None of it.

It's a freeing feeling watching my kids fill their diffusers each night to support restful sleep. I love seeing my son grab for an oil and apply it daily for immune support. It's awesome watching my husband's hand feel better through applying oils, and personally, helping me find happiness outside of a pill and regulating my cycle.


These were our big changes of 2017 and while it's a project we're working on throughout 2018, as well, I want to invite you to make those changes. I want to walk alongside you getting your home free of toxins only doing harm. It really hit home to me when my grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Did you know a leading cause for breast cancer is from aluminum which is found in deodorant? Or better yet, have you heard of the app Think Dirty? Download it and scan your products you use daily, then come talk to me.