We did it!! Our guy turns 13 on Saturday and because he's with his mom on his actual birthday we decided to surprise him before he goes back. If you're unfamiliar, we share 50/50 with his mom so he's with us one week and then his mom one week and alternating back and forth. It's always worked well for us and gives him both homes to lean into and have double the family to love on him!

Because it's his 13th birthday AND his golden birthday, we really wanted to go big! We opted for redoing his whole bedroom to make it something more mature and functional for him to grow into over time. It will eliminate us having to redo it again in his later teenage years and a bigger bed was something we knew he wanted badly. We also surprised him with a family birthday party he knew nothing about! I took him out shopping for some extra details for his room at At Home and when we got back, everyone was there to surprise him - and it totally worked!!

He kept saying how special he felt and how surprised he was. I think it was a total success and I'm so happy he loved everything and how it came together. We worked with At Home and Beddy's on this space and they were both so kind to contribute to this special room for him! Honestly, I want this to be my bedroom!