They are done! Christmas cards are ordered and I am so darn happy and emotional about these new family pictures. Something came over me this year realizing we have 2 years left with our big guy. He turned 16 last month and while I know he'll always come home there's a whole new realization to him becoming an adult and making a name for himself. He is such a God fearing young man and we really only have the smallest amount of time left with impact and influence on his heart and mind.

Being these kids parents is such a privilege. I never take it for granted God choosing me to parent them and love them. To teach them and mold them. To impress on their hearts the goodness of God and this life we have. Eternity is such a treasure and I get one chance to raise these arrows right and it's a gift and opportunity I am thankful for every single day.

So here I am documenting these family pictures of dear friend, Jenna @jennawilkesphotography, did for us. She has captured our family for so many years and she is a gem always bringing out the best and giving me keepsakes to have years and years to come.