Andrew and I married October 1, 2010.
I was ready for a baby that night.

The first 6 months of our marriage it was constant talking about when we could have babies.
I was a nanny, loving it and ready for my own.
I had a step-son and wanted him to share love of a sibling.
I was ready to be a mom and wife to my family.
We decided we would evaluate where we were financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally 2 years into our marriage and consider that being the time to expand.

Here we are 1.5 years into our marriage and we are NOT expanding our home for a while.
We get asked the question all the time.
"So when will you guys have kids?"

Our answer?
We will evaluate where we are in another few years.
We still feel like newly weds; we're still learning and developing our relationship together.
We are the couple that wants to enjoy the little moments in front of us.
We want to travel.
We want to go out for Happy Hour.
We want to sleep in every chance we have.

I said on Twitter a few days back--
"It's safe to say my husband has a firm grip on my heart; love grows some deep roots!"
I am excited to see those roots grow deeper in our relationship before we throw more chaos into the mix.

We find it hard enough now finding a sitter for our dog so what's it going to be like when we have our own child together and needing to recreate our lifestyle?

We look forward to building our family together.
We are anxious to see the relationship Drake will have with a silbling.
We know God will bless us with our own miracle when the timing is right.
When the timing is meant to be.

I truly believe no one can be completely ready to welcome a little one into the world.
You can never be fully stable in your life and ready.
At least I know I'll never be!
[you're lying if you think you are 100% ready to take someones life into your hands(!!)]

You don't know what it'll be like having sleepless nights.
You don't know the stress financially you'll be taking on.
You don't know the amount of responsibility that comes tied in a neat bow around your babies little life.
But whenever you're blessed with that milestone-- it'll be right.

It'll be in God's timing and he will be there to provide strength and reassurance throughout the challenges.

Right now Andrew and I enjoy being parents to a 6 year old.
We are embracing being an Uncle and Aunt.
We are excited for what our future a few years that is.
Or more.