You loved me, nurtured me and held my hand from day one. 

You taught me what it means to have a fun, "let's not do anything" day and taught me how to process moments that last a lifetime. You were my first love and best friend; a man I grew attached to with every occasion and memory in life. You walked along side me encouraging me, supporting me, loving me and cheering me on. You taught me what it means to accept someone. You taught me about attitude, hustle and initiative. You taught me character and integrity mold a classy individual. You taught me when playing T-Ball it's okay to draw smiley faces in the dirt-- cause ultimately, it would light your face up with a smile. You taught me the power of prayer and the power of our Lord. You taught me a Saturday morning bike ride makes the weekend that much sweeter. You taught me late night ice cream runs are without a doubt, the highlight of your week. You taught me the large "X" from the slip-n-slide in the summer is inevitable so embrace those water days. You taught me late night swims are always refreshing. You taught me a hot summer's night couldn't be any sweeter than spending it watching baseball and eating sunflower seeds. You taught me you can never take a Home Depot trip without getting a hot dog. And you taught me it's not safe to chase your car down the street when you've kissed me goodbye before work without waking me-- it's dangerous and will break your heart over and over knowing you're leaving your little girl.

But mostly, you taught me what it means to love unconditionally. Thank you. So unconditionally, thank you.

All my love, forever & ever,