I still can't wrap my head around Little Man growing up so quickly. He's 7. Like seven years old. That's not a little kid anymore. He's becoming a little guy.... a little man. Wow. What a crazy thought and even more crazy thinking this year has been the most impactful for him and I with our relationship.

In the past I haven't been one to step on his mom's toes with party planning and what was going to happen but this year she reached out to me asking to bake the cupcakes and help set-up. I was very excited to say the least but I also feel the relationship with her has taken strides this past year. I have always spoken highly of her and the great mother she is to Drake so I felt so honored she asked me to take part in the "mother role" with his party.

Pirates it was.... arrrrr!
But why's the rum gone?

Kidding. But we had a great time brainstorming and planning this little shindig. I made some printables to top his cupcakes and cupcake wrappers so they were (in my opinion) Pinterest worthy. 

In a nutshell, this was our day together:

Great time with friends and family celebrating Little Man's seven years God has blessed us with. The best part was him spending the night Friday so he woke up Saturday on his birthday with Andrew and I which always includes some great morning cuddles.

Such bliss and contentment I tell ya. He's my favorite and I can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life.

You can download the Pirate Printable, HERE.