keep your iphone happy.

November 2, 2012

By adding a cute little background courtesy of me or The Kinch Life DESIGNS. However you want to refer to my design business. Either way, snag it for your personal use, spread the word, pin it, whatever you fancy!

The easiest way to access this on your phone is to download the image to your desktop, email it to yourself and save the image on your phone. You can then edit your background and use this to dress it up. 

I sure know I need this reminder to stay present in everyday life rather than to be on my phone, so I hope you enjoy it also.

If you missed our Christmas Cards post this week, check it out-- I could design yours too!


  1. Cute cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing pretty girl!!!

  2. TOTALLY just put this up on my phone! Thanks so much love for being so creative and always reminding me that there is more to life than social media and technology!Love you so much darling.

  3. Hey Aubrey! Its Amber (I emailed you about guest posting for Novemeber) My url is check it out!