I won't lie and tell you I've never stepped into a tanning bed because I have. More often than I should. It's something I shouldn't be doing especially because skin cancer is in my family but there's something about that bold, gorgeous bronze look that melts my heart.

Growing into a woman, I've seen my body and skin change as I'm aging. It's making me stop to appreciate the young skin I have now and start being proactive in the way I take care of it.

I've recently purchased Fake Bake. It's a liquid self tanner that you spray on a professional mitt, apply it to your body and it lasts for 4-5 days. I ordered it from amazon not thinking I'll be conformed but after the first application, I was raving about it! I've tried other self tanners all leaving me with an orange tint and horrendous tanning smell and this product does neither.

So today I want to share my steps of building my tan and the ways I treat it to last it's full potential.

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Like I said, I've fallen in love with Fake Bake because of the way it goes on being so easy and light. I've found when using the exfoliating it really leaves a base that's soft and ready to give my tan it's full color. It's lasted me 3-5 days depending on my activity during the time I had it on. One weekend I tried with when I didn't have plans for the gym but plans to spend time with family doing low key stuff and this lasted great. Another time, I went to the gym daily so I showered more and it came off faster. The color doesn't peel, run or get streaky! It seems to just evenly fade away the times I've tried it. I do have eczema, a skin condition that causes little rash spots across my body. Like any self tanner, those spots are definitely splotchy but they're not too noticeable from an observer.

these pictures are unedited

This is after one application ladies!

Sold? Yep, I am too. Forever and always I'll be using this amazing stuff. It's been such a great way to bring in some spring color in a safe way without hurting and frying my skin off.

lasts 3-5 days [the more water, the faster it'll fade!}
doesn't peel, run or streak
has a light coconut smell that's not overwhelming
exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Don't you agree there's something about that illuminating glow of a tan that just makes you feel beautiful?

You can purchase Fake Bake, here.

+note: everyone has different skin types and conditions. this is a tanner that has worked for me but it can be different with each person! i was not paid to write this post, it's my own opinion i wanted to share so others can find something that works for them.