answered prayers.

November 6, 2012

Last night was something my heart and soul so much needed after I've been in the ditches for weeks.

Hubs called on his way home from work and was in a great mood. When that man sounds excited, it's freakin' contagious I tell ya. I was smiling ear to ear just chatting with him about dinner. About meatloaf! Who does that? Oh and the meatloaf. I'm not really a fan but hubs is and I thought let's go crazy and make the most bland meatloaf on the planet and that my friends, keeps your men happy.

He gets home, hugs kisses, shower dinner and cuddles. Those little things that bring me so much contentment and joy doing. Spending everyday life with my best friend. It was one of those nights we were giggly, touchy and couldn't stop laughing. I was snorting at one point talking about my Grandpa and his love for Perkins. Such random things came up and it felt like we were young, wild and wreck the comforts of our little home. We talked, we played we snuggled our monster pooch and did it all while I was pain free.

My deep breath from yesterday must have exhaled all my discomfort and defeated thoughts because last night was an answered prayer.

Pain free.

& a printable for you today with a verse that makes our Christmas cards every year.

Click HERE to download the printable.


  1. YAYYYY!!!!
    So glad you had some pain free time!
    I am praying for you big time... oddly enough when ever i drive by a discount tire I say a little prayer for you and your sweet family!

  2. So happy you had a good night. Those are just the best especially with your man. Love the printable!


  3. what an amazing gift from the Lord of pain-free time with your best friend!

  4. good to hear. the lord is so good to answer prayers.

  5. I am SO happy for you aub. hope these pain-free days stick around for you lovely. <3