Kid Accountability

June 18, 2015

In no way am I an expert at raising kids and I don't want to come across like I am but over the last year or two, we've really been learning (both us and Drake's mom) that we have a dude that thrives off lists. He definitely takes after his dad with some OCD tendencies and it's exciting and rewarding for him to have a list to be able to check off to know he's on track or to write down details he wants to do... really anything, he just loves it!

I did some digging a week or so ago and found some awesome printables to download to create binders for Drake this summer. It's a great collection of things he wants to do with activities, baking, special treats. It also tracks his reading log and provides fun "busy work" for him to do whether it be drawing or writing letters to family members or even math or geography worksheets. Such a win in my book because it keeps him busy!

We also started a new Accountability binder where we're tracking his chores, the family chores we expect him to be helping with, his allowance (we expect him to tithe, save and then has extra for whatever he wants) as well as a homework chart/reading log. It's been perfect for us and he's loving the time he spends keeping it updated! I just wanted to share to you mama's who might like something like this for your littles as well!

You can find the downloads, here and here for the binders we created!


  1. Oh my fucking god. He "strives" off lists? Could you possibly think of the real word you're meaning? Here's a hint it rhymes with the word you put but does not mean "to struggle or fight vigorously."

    1. Thanks for catching that; all is fixed!

      Would love to know who you are as you keep catching my grammatical errors and making it known through your comments. Don't be shy!

    2. Anonymous grammar trolls are real treats, aren't they? You're a gem, Aubs.

  2. You would be so lucky to have me fix ALL of your grammatical errors. This is twice now, and you are welcome. As far as my anonymity goes, I'm not dumb enough to open myself up to the aggression of your fangirls who are just as vapid as you.

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  4. What a great idea! I love that you are able to chat with his mom about how to raise him together - it is amazing! Also, I love that he love lists - he's such a doll!!

    1. Thank you, darling! We really have a great relationship with her and for that, we are blessed.