Rolling With My Homies

March 28, 2017

Can I just say a double stroller is quite literally a game changer. I didn't realize what I've been missing the last 4 months, you guys! It's been on my wishlist to snag one so when Maxi-Cosi launched their newest stroller, the Dana for 2, it arrived quickly and we've used it every single day the last 2 weeks. Like every day.

Babysitter Checklist Printable!

March 27, 2017

I shared this darling download printable over at West Valley Moms Blog so I wanted to make sure you all are seeing it too. Perfect way to organize your thoughts and all the details necessary for your sitter while out for errands or a date night!

to download the babysitter checklist printable!

AZ Blogger Shoot

girls leotards- Leotudes | girls dresses- Chrome Classics | mama tops- PinkBlush | my jeans- American Eagle | Hollyn bow- Notes and Knots | Emery socks- Top Knots and Twirls | Emery moxfords- Sweet N Swag

Being a blogger, it's kind of in our nature to step out of our comfort zone and meet new people. We're socialable and like to make friends so it's been a blast getting to meet other AZ bloggers. There are a select few I've get together with as often as schedules permit, Fatty, being one of them but I was able to connect and meet Bethanie and Jenna recently too!

Stikwood Shiplap Wall - The Break Down

March 24, 2017

Shiplap wall! I don't think I've ever had more DM's on Instagram about something in comparison to this wall I installed with the help of my parents. I wanted to channel my inner Joanna Gaines and a few months back I came across Stikwood Designs and it simply needed to happen. In my house. STAT. Knowing Emery's room was on my radar, it was the perfect opportunity to make my shiplap wall dreams come true.

A Journey To Safe Skin

March 23, 2017

Okay girls, buckle up. We're talking beauty today after I was recently introduced to Beautycounter. I've tested a few things and am blown away by how much I'm loving it in comparison to my normal beauty go-to's.

 photo AK_FooterTransSM_zpskoekx7y5.png