What's in Baby's Hospital Bag?

October 27, 2016

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Hospital bag chat! I had a few requests for what I was packing for Hollyn on instagram so I thought I'd pull a little post together to share. It's not necessary to really bring a lot for baby but it makes your stay more comfortable whether it's one night or a few nights. Comparatively to our first time around, I checked off some boxes of what it was nice to have then and what I wish I had brought (burp cloths!) so this is it.


House 3 | Laundry Room

October 26, 2016

Not really a space people typically share but having gone from a much smaller, more simple laundry room it's been really nice having a large one with a sink and space to store items! When we moved in, the counters were a brown speckled laminate, which isn't terrible because the white cabinetry really brightened the space but something I wanted to change. Being on a budget and not putting a lot of money into this house as it's still a temporary home, I bit the bullet and bought vinyl contact paper from Amazon and gave the counters a little refresh.

Emery's 2nd Birthday Party!

October 24, 2016

Yesterday was the party we threw for friends and family celebrating Emery turning 2! We had such a blast getting together with everyone and stuffing our faces with yummy food and sweets. A little back story... Drake chose to get one big gift for his birthday this year instead of having a party but we still wanted to sing him Happy Birthday with family so we kind of did a joint party in a sense. He didn't care about the theme so we catered to Emery with that and his mom made him an awesome Broncos cake to enjoy.

Mom Guilt

October 20, 2016

do you guys remember Emery being this itty bitty, sweet thing?
4 months old here.

I'm struggling with a bit of mom guilt. When I was a nanny to Elle, I was paid to leave the house and spend time doing things out with her. She had little gym, story time and play dates with other friends so it was something simply part of our routine.


House 3 | Office Space

October 19, 2016

This "office" of mine has definitely evolved over time and it's always something I love updating here and there with a few things to keep it fresh. There's nothing like redoing a mood board to get you motivated for a new season or even swapping out a couple pictures you have in the area.

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