August 28, 2015

Emery | 10 Months

I am really terrible at updating here on the blog but she's been so fun and active lately so I got my camera out this morning to film her a bit in her element. Mobile, sassy babe is all I can say!

# e m e r y o d e s s a m o  n t h l y

August 27, 2015

How To | Tassel Curtains

I've been waiting to hang curtains in the office because I wasn't quite sold on any yet. I was looking at Jessica's nursery reveal yesterday and came across these beauties. Totally lovely and would go so well with the style of my office but that price tag?! Yikes! I looked a bit closer and realized this could be something I could accomplish on my own with a much smaller price tag- so I did!


Simple enough, right? And a much more budget friendly option. The tassel border was originally $10.99 a yard but I had a 50% off coupon at Joann's so that saved me a bunch there! These are the curtains I used as well from Target. And because the office is done now, here are a few more snaps!

Happy DIY-ing.

August 26, 2015

Tips for a Statement Gallery Wall

It's the never ending battle of arranging and rearranging furniture when moving. You have in your mind how you'd like things to look but you can't be sure until things are in place and you're visually seeing it all. The same goes for the little things like a bookcase or gallery wall and let's be honest, I once was the person who put 80 nails into one wall to figure out how I'd like my gallery wall to be hung. That being said, I've learned some tips so let's debrief on those... shall we?

Mix Tones- I'm a neutral kind of person but I think what makes a gallery wall pop is adding different colors and tones throughout. I'm a lover of gold and white so I know those would be involved on our newest creation but I've been stretching myself with silver and rustic pieces as well.

Add Texture- See that lovely floral bowl above? It's a bowl from IKEA that I've loved over the years it's been mine and I wanted to do something creative. Add the textures of that coming off the wall made such a statement as well as the Mini Alfred deer head from WFT on Etsy. Simple and clean but they add the right touch. A blanket or tapestry would be lovely as well!

Create a Focal Point- I found this art print (by Jenni Kupelian) on Minted about a month back and knew it needed to be in our family room. I've been on a journey of really molding my style and letting that reflect in our new house and it was the perfect piece to be the focal point of the room. Minted offers it framed as well with a huge selection so I went with a simple white frame knowing I was going to add rustic and gold elements elsewhere. Your focal doesn't always have to be a picture but in this case, it was a winner!

Test Before Hanging- Instead of throwing everything up and just guessing on where you'd like things placed, lay everything out on the floor and arrange it as you'd like it to look on your wall. This offers the flexibility of making changes without permanently damaging your brand new home! Trust me on this one and don't skip the step- it's worth it!

Do you have any tips on gallery walls? I'm all ears because we have one more left to complete before I'm putting the hammer down!

August 24, 2015

Vacation for the Soul

We just flew home yesterday from upstate New York and we are happy to be home. It's funny how just moving into the house, it hasn't quite felt like ours yet because it's still so fresh but after leaving for a week and coming home to it, it was so warm and inviting and felt right. That absolutely solidified it being our space to grow in and make memories.

On the same note, our trip to NY was for my cousin's wedding and I've spent years all throughout my childhood going back there to visit my dad's brother and his family. Over those many years, they've always lived in the same home with this beautiful backyard complete with a tree swing. I remember summers having contests with my brother and two cousins on who could jump off the farthest and when I was there with Andrew a few years back and we were able to enjoy some time swinging together. It was that much more memorable and emotional (as always) to share it now with Emery. It was food for my soul and the time spent on a sweet, simple family vacation was much needed in this busy season of our lives.

Hope you had a great Monday!

August 18, 2015

No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream | With The Butter Half

Hellllllo yumminess. Do you guys remember back here when Abbey first debuted on the blog? Well she's back for her second installment of sharing a sweet recipe with you from her blog, The Butter Half! I just love Abbey and all she offers out of life being a mama and wife but this girl really does it all with her cooking and baking too.

We thought since summer is soon coming to a close, it would be fun to share a quick and easy no churn ice cream you can plan to make for Labor Day or your next BBQ with friends or family. 

Let's get to it!

T H E   B E S T   N O   C H U R N   S T R A W B E R R Y   I C E   C R E A M

prep time: 25 minutes
freeze time: 8 hours (overnight)
yield: 1 quart


2 cups strawberries, halved

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk

2 cups heavy whipping cream


1. In a blender or food processor, puree strawberries. Strain the puree through a fine mesh sieve if you don’t want the seeds (I don’t strain mine).

2. Mix the condensed milk and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Add in strawberry puree and mix well. Using a stand or electric mixer, beat the heavy cream on medium speed until it is thick and peaks form. Add in the whipped cream to the berry mixture and whisk together thoroughly.

3. Line a 9×5 loaf pan or glass dish with parchment paper and evenly pour the ice cream mixture into the container. Cover and set in the freezer overnight or at least 8 hours. Serve in some sugar cones or in a bowl with a huge dollop of whipped cream.

E N J O Y !

first seen on The Butter Half
you can connect with Abbey socially!