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Hollyn's Nursery 6 Months Later

May 26, 2017

I originally shared Hollyn's nursery, here, but you know how living in a space things get tweaked and updated and a little more... lived in. That's happened! We added some gorgeous Just Born bedding from their Keepsake Collection, pulled in this amazing blue chest from The Land of Nod for blankets and toy and added a few more pieces to the walls to really make it feel homey and perfect for our girl.

The Baby Wearing Transition

May 25, 2017

You guys know how much I love a soft wrap for wearing my babies and it was just about that time I needed something else for transitioning and supporting my little love more. I still use a soft wrap occasionally but I switched over to a Happy Baby Carrier about 2 weeks ago and have absolutely loved it!

My Fiery Emery

May 24, 2017

Have I ever told you I thought I'd have all boys? In my mind, I'd have three boys, all toe head blondes and would wear mohawks, camo shorts and vans. Dumb is a great way to describe thinking I'd be a boy mama. God has a sense of humor and although I have one boy, I was so convinced after having Emery, our second pregnancy would be a boy.


Wrong again.

Getting a Grasp on Baby Led Weaning

May 23, 2017

highchair- IKEA | placemat & cushion cover- Yeah Baby Goods (code AUBREYKINCH15 for 15% off your order!) | bib- Bapron (code BAPRONBABY10 for 10% off)

Baby Led Weaning. What does that even mean? It's the thing to do these days if you have an infant around the 6 month mark and ready to begin solids but honestly, it terrified me. Emery was one that literally didn't chew her food. We had so many scares with her choking (choking, not gagging) because she would immediately swallow whatever was given to her. This time around, I was dreading the transition because the heart stopping, panic moments we're still to real and fresh in my mind. Like she turned blue, you guys. I'm scarred from those experiences.

Recent TULA launch!

May 22, 2017

TULA recently launched a new product so I've been giving it a try for a few weeks, naturally, and I love it! It's a resurfacing gel focusing on balancing your skin- think like a toner and something applied after washing your face, before moisturizing. It offers probiotics and glycolic acid to balance the skin's surface and restore it to it's ideal pH, leaving your skin smooth, hydrating and protected from damage.

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