July 29, 2015

Ruffle Butts

We love summer and we love swimming! It's been so fun taking advantage of the pool while living with my in-laws and the kids sure do love it for a little change of scenery in the afternoons. Last week at Emery's 9 month appt, our pedi said if she's swimming and spending time in the water it's time to dunk her and get her even more used to it. My heart freaked out when he said this but we tried it and she loved it! I was told to blow on their face right before dunking so they suck in air then and not if they're shocked under water. It worked just fine and she had a blast!

Since her skin is still so sensitive (talked about it here) I've been looking for adorable swimwear for her that covers her from the sun as much as possible and I was introduced to Ruffle Butts. Adorable swimwear (and other goodies) that scream girly and is even topped with her monogram! So darling. This little number has been our go-to for swim days recently!

Funny story... Drake was suddenly jealous that Emery has "swim shirts" and wasn't in a regular swim suit so he really wanted to get one for himself. I told him if he wanted it, he could use his allowance money so we went shopping and he got one at Old Navy. I told my MIL the first time he swims, I doubt it'll last 5 minutes and I hate to say, I was right! Poor kid hated the clingy material and so over it. At least he learned! ;)

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swimwear- Ruffle Butts | sunnies- Target | towel- Crystal Faye

July 27, 2015

Pops of Color

I'm not a small person (used to be a 110lbs, size 2) and it's been a difficult journey for me figuring out how to dress my postpartum body as well as the additional weight I gained after I stopped dancing my senior year. You don't necessarily realize the pounds are being put on over time since you see yourself daily and then bam, you see it all at once comparing pictures from 5 years ago to now. Or because the bullies online seem to get a high off of making it known you're "fat"....#byefelicia! I get it though, life happens and that's okay. It's a constant battle for us women to love ourselves and embrace every curve and feature we have.

This summer I've really challenged myself to own the body I currently have and don't let myself hide behind the pants and long sleeve tops and cardigans everyday... it's hard enough in AZ and the 115 degrees so it's dehydration or wearing clothes I don't sweat my ass off in. But honestly, am I happy about my body? No. It's been tough accepting it but I'm still working out and working to become a better me. But in the mean time, I can also learn to be content.

top | shorts | jacket | sandals (similar) | bag (similar) | sunnies

July 24, 2015

Chunky Side Braid | Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share a fun braid for you to try while soaking up some summer time this weekend. This is featuring my Hidden Crown hair extensions in color 60/8p again, as usual! ;)

July 23, 2015

Out with the Girls

Things have been crazy with work recently so I hit up my reliable little cousin to spend some time with Emery so I could knock out some client boards and emails early this week. It was such a treat getting to spend time with her while also enjoying some "mama time" working alone. I told her up front, I wouldn't be paying her but I'd take her out to lunch which was even better in her book so we went to Chipotle, just us girls! Emery had just woken up from a nap and was sans headband (so she looks like a boy) and just finished downing a bottle in the car so she has quite the milk face in these few shots... just keeping it real!

tunic | shorts | sandals | romper (on sale under $12!)

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July 21, 2015

The Real Deal

Let's chat honestly... a lot of those (me included) bloggers out there have all their outfit posts totally styled. They meet with a photographer to shoot 3-4 looks, all with perfectly curated accessories and details that make you super stoked to shop and look as perfectly polished as they are. Yes? Well I'm sort of over that. And by sort of I mean completely. I want to share the good, bad and the ugly with you. The normal mommy outfits that you'd actually catch me in running around if you're in North Phoenix. So here it is... a maxi, sandals, a big tote and sunnies. Simple. Practical. But stylish.

You feel me? ;)

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dress (use code "loveaubrey" for 15% off site wide, no deadline) | sandals | bag | sunnies