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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Maternity Shoot

So so stunning is all that goes through my mind when I see these images. Brealyn has captured the most precious memories for us in these pictures and they're something we will cherish for years to come. That lady started as a friend because our hubbies worked together and it's turned into such a fun and easy partnership and truly, she's my soul sister. I love that girl!

Brealyn- thank you for spending hours on end with Andrew and I capturing these shots for us as we embrace our little lady. Your friendship and working relationship have been such a pleasure and we just love you and Ray, endlessly! We can't express to you the gratitude we feel and are over the moon with the result of these wonderful shots. Thank you!



Monday, September 01, 2014

Craving Fall

sequin pants via Riffraff

The other morning I got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and went to do emails in the nursery (yes, I do almost everything from that room because I'm obsessed with it) and it hit me how badly I'm ready for Fall. It isn't just about the cooler temperatures and crisp air but we will be meeting our sweet babe this Fall and that's when our whole lives will be changing.

Andrew said to me the other night that Emery and I are as close as we will ever be right now sharing a body. I'm helping her grow and giving her a safe and secure place and in just a few short weeks we won't be tied together anymore. This realization slapped me in the face because I've been drowning myself in the woes of pregnancy lately with every ache and pain and I should really step back and simply cherish these moments, just her and I and all her fierce little kicks. It's a battle being ready to smother her face in kisses but also embracing these last moments of sole mommy/daughter time.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Mexico Series | The Pineapple Drink

My family is probably hysterically laughing at this post because every time we head to Rocky Point I say over and over I will get a pineapple drink. I WILL DAMNIT. Well, it's never happened until this past weekend and I was in heaven! It's really the most adorable and trendy thing as of right now and I was even more excited about how delicious it was. They start by coring the entire pineapple and then use pieces of it to make a Pina Colada but they end having a ton extra so they gave it to us in a small bag with chili pepper on top and it was such a treat. I was elated taking this baby on the beach for the afternoon and I feel it's even more fitting because baby lady is currently the size of a pineapple! So fun!

When you're strolling around town, you'll see about 30+ stands offering these babies and my suggestion here is to make sure to find the smallest, most secluded one. If you get it at the Fish Market, you'll end up spending $15 but if you go to a smaller stand that's off a side road, you can plan to spend $7-$10 for this refresher.

Well friends, I hope you've enjoyed the week chatting about some of my favorite things to do while in Rocky Point, Mexico! It's always such a nice getaway only being 3.5 hours away from us in Phoenix and we can't thank Sea Side Reservations enough for sending us for this time away. We will cherish it always especially knowing it's our last vacation before Emery arrives!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mexico Series | Best Drink Stop

I'm a sucker for a great margarita and quite honestly, it's been killing me not being able to drink while pregnant! It's not like I've over indulged previously or got crazy but I did enjoy a drink here and there and a margarita was my go-to. Over the years in Mexico, they tend to all taste the same but our last trip down, we've found the best margarita in town! Funny thing too, it's where the best bloody mary is served as well so if you're looking for a good place for Happy Hour, you must visit Max's. I have to disclose they also serve some amazing breakfast burritos so if you've had one too many cocktails and need a hang over cure, that's your place! With a bloody mary on the side.... naturally.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mexico Series | Shopping

Today, we're going to chat shopping while visiting Rocky Point, Mexico! After all the years of going down there, we've learned that most shops all over the city are the same carrying almost identical inventory. That being said, you could venture out and visit them all or you could simple make a stop at the Fish Market.

This little area of town has a handful of great placed to eat - Boo Bar, Mary's or Wrecked to name a few and there's rows and rows of shops to enjoy. It's nestled right up on the water so you could simply grab an ice cream cone and sit at the main square or ask for a margarita to go and enjoy it while walking around. Either way, you can't go wrong! I'd recommend snagging real vanilla extract while visiting and maybe a few beach hats but otherwise, it's tourist styled items. Also, you must negotiate your price! Give them your bottom line and you'd be surprised how close you can get to that!