Emery | 7 Months

Oh, my angel girl. It's been a trying month going from six to seven months but the things she's learning as we watch her grow are so worth the sleepless nights and fussy days. We've been dealing with a very teethy baby who is about to pop 4 new ones in on the top which has made her quite the clingy, uncomfortable, miserable little lady. In turn, she hasn't been sleeping through the night anymore but sleeps from 6:30pm until about 2am, takes a bottle and falls back asleep until about 5am. We're tired and it's wearing us down but she's developing so much!

E M E R Y   T H I S   M O N T H
sitting on her own
crawling backwards
loves her toes
has 2 teeth with 4 on the way
is 16lbs 7oz
isn't a fan of headbands
loves sleeping in her car seat
she's a paci queen
wears size 3 in diapers
3-6 months clothes
eats solids every 3 hours when awake & 2oz of formula with it
says "mama" - sooo close to "dada"
looooves brutus and drake
started the "throwing things on the ground for us to pick up" game... sigh
holds her bottle on her own (has for 2 months now- thanks aunt sami!)

We are head over heels with our baby lady and are loving watching her grow into her own little person. She's firey and bold but so sweet and lovable. And the pouty lip she gives other people when she wants mama makes my heart burst.

Happy 7 months, Emery Odessa!


Family Pictures

This is going to be an emotional one.

These pictures were taken one week before we moved out of our precious first home and recently I've been really missing it. The memories, the stories, the routine, the comfort. Knowing when we would get home, the kids would run into the family room, spew their stuff everywhere and just live. Sharing books and kisses and laughs... I miss it. I miss that home and the way it smelt and the way it eased my stresses the second I walked in. I miss sitting in each of the kids rooms and enjoying them sleeping and knowing the labor of love I spent building those rooms so special for them. I miss our beautifully lit bedroom where Andrew and I shared so many precious moments as husband and wife and as parents, learning about Emery and how to adjust to her. I'm missing the familiar sense of home and what was ours and private to us.

Stacey and I had talked about doing a family session for the first half of 2015 and when we sold the home, we cleared schedules to make it happen one last time in our beloved first home before closing. I can't praise and thank her enough for capturing a moment and season of our life I never want to forget. It's golden to me and I'm thankful to have our love oozing in still form in these photos.

kids tops- Riley Clay Designs | drake pants- H&M | my top- The Tickled Pink Boutique | my leggings- BLANQI | emery headband- Bloom by Haley Anne


Kid Shoes on a Budget

So I have a 9 year old who sees all his friends with the latest and greatest brand names and cool workout gear and sneaks galore who finds himself lusting over all of it and then he comes home telling me all about it and how he would looove some of his own. Bless his heart. If he only knew the cost of those things and how raising two kids while custom building a home means we're pinching pennies over here to save.... but he doesn't.

It's no fun for him either when I'm constantly buying things for Emery as she grows because she doesn't have the next size up and I'm having to build her wardrobe as she's rapidly growing. I've made the commitment that I'll only shop for the kids when there are sales going on now so I can splurge on a couple things for each so they're both feeling thought of.

All that being said, Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale and the shoe section for the kids is on point right now! Perfect timing for some new kicks Drake was much needing a for Emery as she's still not fitting in 0-3 months shoes with her tiny feet. Ha!

H E R E   A R E   M Y    P I C K S   F O R   D R A K E

one | two | three | four | five | six

H E R E   A R E   M Y    P I C K S   F O R   E M E R Y

one | two | three | four | five | six



It's the last week of school for Drake so this past weekend we enjoyed it as a little "vacation" before it actually becoming summer vacation. We went to downtown Glendale where Glendale Glitters is held every year at Christmas if you're local and familiar with it. They have the sweetest little shops and it's perfect for a little outing.

Little fun fact, my mom used to own one of those shops when I was in middle school/high school called Lil Miss Sweetpea's. I was called Sweetpea growing up so it was a special thing for her and I to do together for a few years before we closed it. Ideally, it would be so fun if we could open another one now that I'm older but those are big dreams for years down the road.

EMERY // hoodie- Purl Lamb | shorties- Little Peanut Threads | moccs- Gracious May | headband- Gap --- DRAKE // tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli | denim- Old Navy | jordan's- Amazon --- AUBREY // tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli



Our Weekend

PROMOTION WEEK // It was promotion week at church for Drake so he went from the 3rd grade class to 4th! That's a huge deal at our church and he was so excited to switch classrooms and enjoy some new friends. CCV also sent the kids home with punching balloons which is equally cool and irritating for us parents who have kids that wouldn't put it down all of Sunday then... sigh.

ALMOST CRAWLER // Emery is soooo close to crawling forward. She has the backwards thing down and loves to sit up on all fours, rocking back and forth. It's such a cute thing to watch her learn but I find it so funny she's not sitting on her own yet but is about to crawl. But whatever, all in your time baby girl!

MAMAROO NAPS // It's rare we utilize this for naps but for some reason, she wasn't having a crib nap yesterday. I needed to shower so I put her in her Roo, threw on Mumford & Sons on Pandora in the bathroom and showered and peeked through the shower curtain at this little angel snoozing. It was darling and she stayed the way all while I blow dried my hair and did my makeup! #momwin

BIRTHDAY // My nephew turned 7 last week so we celebrated his birthday party on Saturday which meant there were toys everywhere. It was the typical eyeing the ground with every step because you didn't want a lego imprinted into your foot.

I also shopped a little for my growing girl and purchased:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
and this phone case for myself!

How was your weekend?
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