November 25, 2015

Feeling Festive

It's not a secret what so ever that I am all about the cooler temps and wearing things that cover... ah hem... dem curves (ie: dimples and rolls). Flowy tops and booties basically sum up my fall and winter attire and I always top things off with a chunky cardigan or jacket so this one was speaking my language! I thought it would be perfect to wear for the upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday or for a simple date out with my man- which is what I wore it for on Sunday!

We went and saw The Hunger Games although I seriously debated on Saturday getting a sitter for Emery during the day and going by myself! Then we met some good friends for drinks and dinner and it was the perfect evening/night out getting some time to focus on us. We are forever grateful for our family who steps in and watches the kids so we can do that fun stuff. Praise the Lord!

black top- Kiki La'Rue | plaid jacket- Nobella Grace | denim (exact)- American Eagle (so stinkin' comfy!) | booties- Aldo (similar) | hair extensions- Hidden Crown (color 622- 16 inches)

November 24, 2015

How To | Chunky Braided Bun

So many people asked about this hair style when I posted it on instagram last week. Good news is that it's so simple and easy to do and this is without hair extensions. I have to disclose, my hair is so fine and doesn't have volume on it's own so I've found when I play around with braids and pulling them apart, I can give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Practice makes perfect so I hope you give this a try!

November 23, 2015

Master Bedroom | Inspo

We are three months into our new home and I think we're settled?? Who knows! To be frank, all the boxes were unpacked and things were in it's place within 3 days but over time and as you live with things, it's inevitable rearranging will happen. Do you do that too or just me?

All the rooms fell pretty seamlessly into place but the one I was struggling with was the master bedroom. It was so much larger than our old house so we actually had room to play with and very little furniture to fill it. Talk about double the size so we could actually fit a dresser and couch or cozy seating area now. Whoop! It also meant that our cheap-o IKEA furniture was just throwing me off and looking real out of place. It did us proud for 5 strong years and was still in great condition but you know the saying... new house, new furniture. Or something like that! ;)

That was my motto so I took some time and really thought through how I wanted that space to be. We love our white linens and the airy feel we've always had but I wanted to touch with some rustic pieces while also keeping it grown up and lovely at first glace. Not like there are a bunch of junk yard pieces but more like it's a well thought out, curated space that is refreshing to Andrew and I.

So me being me, I spent some time and created a little collage of my ideas and items I've been day dreaming about to see how the space would look completed... and naturally, I have to share it with you!

I'm sure you've seen shots here and there of it on snapchat or instagram but I'll reveal the final room next week!

November 21, 2015

Weekly Recap

It's the weekend! It's funny how before kids you just can't wait for the weekend and enjoying that quiet, down time and then when you have kids, that's a silly joke! I go into each weekend thinking it'll be quiet and calm and restful and somehow it's even more busy and congested than the week itself. Either way, I found some great things around the web this week so take a look...

MINT FILES // These are the perfect, fun touch for my ever organizing self! Nate Berkus really can't go wrong regardless but adding mint and a way to stay on top of filing and you can count me in. I also got this acrylic file box to display them cute. I also want to note a lot of the reviews say they don't come with the tabs to label but mine definitely did!

BABY SLEEP HELP // Megan mentioned this facebook page a couple days ago and I went ahead and requested to be part of the group because all us moms need tips with our kids and sleeping, right? Emery is in a funk with her schedule right now so I'm happy to have this resource!

TRAVEL BAG // I may not use this for traveling because we don't do much of that but it's perfect for throwing my "catch all" items into for my purse or diaper bag! IE: hair ties, gum, tylenol, chapstick, bobby pins...etc. I also got a couple for gifts for Christmas with the ladies in my family. This and this - favorites!

THIN/FINE HAIR BOOSTER // I used to work at a hair salon when I was 18 and loved this stuff! I recently came across it again and started using it since I'm going without extensions right now and it really gives such a great boost to my thin/fine hair. Give it a try if your hair is like mine!

That's all for now, ladies! Enjoy your weekend and let's get some rest for the upcoming Thanksgiving week, yes? 

I T E M S   M E N T I O N E D

November 20, 2015

Introducing // BLANQI Baby Bundle

BLANQI is my go-to pregnancy shop because I love the quality, the customer service, the inventory they offer and better yet, the on trend pieces every expecting mama-to-be needs to survive those long 10 months. They are always thinking ahead and wanting to provide mama's and new babies with the best and I'm so excited to share they are launching a limited edition BLANQI Baby Bundle! Available to shop November 21st but you can enter to win the full set, here. You can also use code "AUBREYFREESHIP" when ordering for free shipping! #winning

A B O U T   T H E   B U N D L E

"B is for baby! The BLANQI Baby Bundle includes our limited edition June & January new baby set. Exclusively made for BLANQI, the blanket, knotted beanie and 0-3 month onesie takes our B logo and makes it mini.

Our bundle couldn't be complete without the Solly Baby children's babywearing board book for bonding time, all organic Wash with Water lotion and soap bar for dreamy bath time, and Milestone® new baby cards to photograph your baby’s moments for when it’s smile time."

How cute is that? We love all the companies that came together on this bundle so you know when we're pregnant next time, this bundle will come in handy!