Backpack Diaper Bag

May 3, 2016

I went on a rampage talking about this bag on snapchat so I said I'd share a couple pictures of it here on the blog from when we went out for errands this morning. We have been using a backpack for Emery and I'm just using a regular purse but it's been a hassle grabbing both and maintaining each bag separately.

I love the backpack diaper bag styles because Drake is typically the one who carries it for me while out and that's so convenient for him and for me on my own. It's easy, functional and stylish while offering ample space to store about 32 snacks for my picky toddler. ;)

Seaport Stitches is an AZ company which is why I wanted to snag this bag; I love supporting local! They have three styles so take a look for yourself! I have a thing for thin black and white stripes so naturally, it's the one I had to go with. Isn't it so cute especially with the leather detailing?!

The Battle with Envy

May 2, 2016

Yesterday was a really great service at our church and it really aligned with being so involved online and social media. I thought it would be something others can relate with when they also put themselves out there and ultimately compare to everything they see within highlight reels and the constant self doubt.

I hope you enjoy it! I promise it's worth the time! ;)

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April 29, 2016

Good morning! I am writing this in real time because I actually have today to myself. My mom has been awesome and taking Emery once a week for me so I can get things crossed off my to-do list and it's made such a difference. There's just something about uninterrupted time and how you can manage things a bit better without being a chicken with it's head cut off.

It's been slow here because we've been in the adjustment phase with Andrew being back at work. He started again just about 2 weeks ago so it's really just getting used to that schedule again. He leaves before about twenty minutes after the kids are awake and gets home after they've gone to bed so we lived in fairy tale land the last 3 months enjoying him home and the babies are missing their daddy. 

We had his annual company party last weekend where they honor all the full time employees and really pull all the stops to show their appreciation but during the ceremony, they did a full piece on The Bruce T Halle Fund which is what helped us and paid for all our medical expenses with the accident and I was a blubbering mess. It's just perspective and what an awesome company he works for. They strive to be the hands of feet of Jesus and I'm proud he's part of that mission.

Anyway, I have a busy weekend with two events on Saturday and then we have some family plans Sunday so hopefully things will slow down enough Monday to get back into sharing over here. I'd love to finish up the Before vs After series with you, just a few rooms left! ;)

Happy Weekend!

Introducing... Gunner!

April 26, 2016

Talk about the best surprise ever! Andrew and I have talked about adding a second dog to the family over the last couple years, always saying going with a Lab and he organized the whole thing and completely surprised me with this cute baby! I grew up with a yellow Lab and was totally in love with her and how sweet and caring she was to both myself and my brother so we knew that breed would be a great fit for us and would compliment a Husky.


Vibrant Office Space

April 14, 2016

This post has been a long time coming to share how I've reworked my office with adding some color and bolder details so I'm excited to finally share it! I always love neutrals and it's hard for me to veer from that but I thought my office could use a pop of fun so I basically created this whole space around this rug I have been eyeing since December. This really is the only room I can splash pink all around because Andrew doesn't use it so I went for it.

 photo AK_FooterTransSM_zpskoekx7y5.png