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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Husband pants- it's your 27th birthday and I am so thankful to be the one by your side celebrating it! I know in the past we haven't really done much for special occasions but being all sentimental lately, I feel it's only natural to go all out this year. Maybe because our life is about to change or for the simple fact I'm just smitten over you and can't wait to spoil you. I don't care either way! Thank you for choosing me almost 5 years ago as we walk through life together. Everything we've celebrated and endured are things I'm beyond grateful to have you holding my hand through. You're my rock and best friend and I still wake up so in love with you, thanking God for the encouragement, support and laughter you bring to my life daily! You have my whole heart, let's stay young and in love forever, okay?


  1. The way you make me laugh
  2. Your need for cuddles every single morning
  3. How you always reach for my hand to hold when sitting apart on the couch
  4. Your understanding for "us" time when we have Drake weeks
  5. The way you make new lyrics to every song leaving me singing your version when I hear it
  6. The ability you have to lighten any tense atmosphere
  7. Your sense of compassion when I'm a sobbing mess
  8. Your understanding for my excessive hormones
  9. How you always chase me around the house, keeping things lively!
  10. The way you appease me with our 100 goodnight kisses (we always have to end with a good one!)
  11. Your desire to continue to "date" me- gotta keep things fiery!
  12. How you respond to my texts when we're sitting a room away, even when it's asking you to come cuddle
  13. The way you always make sure my water is filled with ice because I love it cold
  14. Your sarcasm
  15. The way you protect me when I'm hurting
  16. How you become the life of the party in Mexico with a drink in hand- my family sure loves you!
  17. The way you calm my nerves with a simple hug
  18. Your hugs- they're perfection
  19. Your playfulness
  20. How you still "light the fire" with a little booty grabbing at the most random times
  21. The way you snuggle up behind me when I'm cooking
  22. Your honesty with not liking my "healthy" meals (quinoa ring a bell?) but loving all my baking
  23. The way you always encourage me to follow my dreams
  24. How you still text me every single day when you get to work to say "I love you"
  25. Your work ethic- you are so driven!
  26. The way you always reassure me I'm the one for you
  27. Because you chose me to walk the journey of life with

I hope you slept in good with your new black out curtains- Happy Birthday bebe!

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Comfy Bump

dress: Kiki La'Rue | jacket: Target | clutch: Clare Vivier | sandals: Target | watch: Fossil | link bracelet (similar): Etsy


This weekend flew by, am I right? I wasn't quite ready to give it up because I ended up working most of it and feel like I need a little break but I don't see that happening in the near future. I am so excited about all the design work coming in the last couple weeks and can't wait to share new client boards and such but my plan to be able to immediately start working on boards for clients is out the door with the queue now months booked! Good news and bad news, I suppose. Hopefully I can knock some things out faster so I can attempt to tighten up my schedule the last month or so of my pregnancy.

In case you missed it, I chatted a bit over the weekend about my thoughts on where I am emotionally and physically in the pregnancy process and we're officially in our third trimester now. It's a little scary and all consuming my thoughts how it will be a couple more months and baby lady will be in my arms. You can read that post, here. On the bump style side of things, I've realized I just can't keeping trying to force outfits and such when all I want to do is throw on a maxi these days. It was that way in the beginning as well but I broke down and ordered a few more because I just have to accept if I want comfort, a maxi will win. This one from Kiki La'Rue is perfection, friends. I wore it this last week out with so many compliments! I'm in a size large and it fits fabulously over my bump. Something I can totally wear up until Emery is born and I'm happy about that!

If you're looking for more bump style inspiration with Kiki La'Rue make sure to search
on instagram to see my picks and how I've styled things.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


dress (on sale $14!): Target | panama hat (similar): Target | sandals: Target | bag (option): H&M | watch: Fossil | link bracelet: Etsy | bangle bracelet: Alex & Ani | sunnies: Ray-Ban | bar necklace: Miaearrings | monogram necklace: Love Always Couture


I've had a few meltdowns lately contributing to the feeling of completely hating my body, hating Arizona summers, hating being uncomfortable and hating that I'm pregnant in the summer enduring it all at once. I'm beyond swollen and achy and all I want to do is curl up in a freezing house in leggings and a cardigan but any attempt to do that, I sweat my ass off resulting in a full on cry session. Is it the hormones? Is it truly being unhappy with my body? Is it the way I have no control over the changes happening in my life? Who knows but it's testing me and I'm just emotionally pulled in every direction.

On top of that, I've been having Braxton Hicks a lot which I know is normal but I always get concerned I could be going into labor far too soon and not reading the signs rights. I also have a lot of pain in my lower stomach which I'm thinking is just round ligament pain as my uterus grows but it's intense- even making it hard to walk sometimes. I'm planning to schedule our birthing class and breastfeeding class this coming week so maybe having that on the books will help calm my nerves and give me some insight to know what to look for these last couple months if I do go into labor a touch early.

Sorry for the rant today, just wanting to share where I'm at and how this week has gone since it was a little quiet around these parts. Hope you're having a fun weekend, xo!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


jeans: ASOS Maternity | tank: Target | jacket (option): Forever 21 | sandals (similar): Marshalls | clutch: Clare Vivier | necklace - see more: Riffraff (use code KINCHLIFE for 10% off & free shipping) | watch: Fossil | crystal bracelet: Loren Hope | link bracelet (option): Etsy | bangle bracelet: Alex & Ani


I'm pretty confident if I could layer everyday of the year, I would. I have an obsession with throwing on a tank and jacket but it would be nice if I didn't sweat through it while out and about. Damn Arizona. On another note, how perfect is this necklace? I saw it on Riffraff's site last week and even being someone who loves dainty details, I needed it in my collection.

Also, I've been getting so many questions on my hair and how to style it this way but I can't make a tutorial for this knowing so many other people have! Hello, stealing! Amber is my hair inspiration so take a look over on her site- she has some amazing tutorials and always updates!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pregnant Uniform

leggings: BLANQI | tank: Forever 21 | sweater (under $13!): Target | bag (option): Philip Lim x Target | sandals (similar): Marshalls | watch: Fossil | bangle bracelet: Alex & Ani | rings: H&M & Kate Spade | sunnies: Ray-Ban

It's about time I share the outfit you will normally find me in. Introducing.... the pregnant girl uniform. At least in my case. It's funny because I really attempt to get ready daily and mix up my wardrobe choices from my closet but on an average, 'just grab something and be comfy' day, this is what you'll find me in! Again, the BLANQI leggings have saved my life since getting them because any other leggings just dig into my love handles and it's not cute. I am obsessed with the full belly support on them and how the black is legitimately black. And this sweater? I saw Erin post it a while back and ordered it just last week which I'm already not regretting. It's been lovely to throw on when comfort is key.

Pregnant readers, what's your go-to outfit of choice?