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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Happy Anniversary

love you forever

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Staying Inspired

I've been pulling things here and there to perfectly curate a little area of the house to call mine again. After switching my old office to the babes nursery and then working this space into one shared with my husband, it's been a challenge for it to become something soft and serene yet inspirational and motivating.

I think I've found the perfect combo of feminine and neutral and love the way all the little sayings and such pop. Whitney of Heart & Arrow sent me over these darling prints inspired by Queen B herself and Swifty- two of my favorite ladies! I have so enjoyed walking into this little corner of mine each and everyday seeing that sass over my head while enjoying my coffee! Whitney is a business owner as well so she knows what it's like needing that oompf to keep you going- feel free to shop Heart & Arrow prints, here!

Monday, September 29, 2014

36 Weeks

leggings & tunic: The Tickled Pink Boutique

We are officially there people! 36 weeks and my doctor will deliver baby girl if she's decides to come any day now. Andrew and I are praying as are a lot of our friends and family that she comes very soon versus closer to her actual due date so if you don't mind as well, we would love that!

Some things have definitely changed over the last week/weekend and it all points to my body getting ready to her big appearance.

+ Andrew and I went to Costco yesterday and I could barely make it through the store. I kept getting so much pressure and spasms in my pelvic area and it was painful! I was in tears and crying but I'm assuming that means she's getting lower.

+ I haven't had super tender boobs since the first trimester and suddenly the water in the shower makes me scream. I'm also leaking a whole lot more so I've been wearing nursing pads so it doesn't go through to my shirts.

+ I have a theory this means she's dropping. I only have a couple stretch marks that are tiny on my hips and overnight I had large, deep, painful ones just below my belly button. Keep dropping baby girl!

+ Still slowly coming out.

+ Whew- that is no joke! I've been reading about labor more and more and I've heard you can even get your contractions in your back? Who knew! I'm assuming that might be it but nothing worth timing.

+ Only a couple times and hour during the day after I've done something strenuous so it's not serious although they're painful. I'm praying this week they get to where I can at least get excited about them getting worse and closer together.

+ ALL THE TIME. Like a period but on steroids.

As for the family of mine, we're all on pins and needles!

This morning laying in bed, Andrew mentioned how excited he is that in just a few weeks we will be home with Emery snuggled with us and how he can't wait to hold her all the time. It melts my heart hearing him express his excitement for meeting her and finally being a daddy to a daughter.

He is dying her his sister to make her debut on his birthday, October 13th! I keep telling him, I will do my best but who knows. He picked out a special book this week for her and wrote her a letter and plans on giving/reading it to her when he meets her in the hospital. We have her car seat installed and every time I get him from school he comments on how he can't wait to reach over and hold her little hands when she's here.

This dog! He will not leave my side. He's always been a clingy type but lately he follows me even into the bathroom or when I shower and starts whining when I leave him. He is attached and I feel like it just has to do with him knowing things are about to change.

I have 2 full weeks of work left that I need to complete before she arrives but in case she does come, I have an auto reply set up and ready to post. I am crossing my fingers if that happens, my clients will understand and respect the sudden MIA vibes they'll be getting. I hope to take about 6 weeks off when she comes!

So here we are., playing the waiting game. I'm not one to be patient and like to wait but I keep telling myself even if she doesn't come before her due date, we only have 28 days until we meet her. Maybe 29 if they induce the day after her due date. I can do it.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weekend Wear

leggings: BLANQI | tank: H&M | cardigan: Motherhood Maternity | sneaks: Nike | sunnies: Ray-Ban

Just stopping in for a quick weekend post! I am taking it easy still but I wanted to sneak out of the house for just a couple hours today for breakfast with a friend and a quick Ulta stop. I'm all about staying comfy so I had to pull out my BLANQI leggings,,., again (!!) and paired them with a deliciously soft cardigan from Motherhood Maternity!

Hope you have a fun and safe weekend- xo!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Hospital Bag

Bed rest is not ideal, you guys. I've found that even working from home and being on a computer all day is something that's not really allowed for an extended period of time so it's been interesting working through all my last clients before I start my official maternity leave! It has given me the opportunity to check and recheck my hospital list so I wanted to share everything I've packed along with some splurges to make the experience a little more calming and peaceful!

-tank tops
-oversized cardigan
....whatever will make you comfortable and easy to nurse in
-button up would be good for nursing
  • PANTIES (4-5 pair and ones you don't mind ruining)
  • NURSING BRAS (I am bringing one and 2 bralettes)
  • SOCKS (2-3 pair)
-tooth brush & paste
-face wash
-shampoo & conditioner
-hair brush & ties
-body lotion
These are the basics, obviously! Something I recommend having no matter what because either you'll really need them or the hospital might supply them but they aren't ideal. When it comes to an extended stay away from home, I want to be as comfortable as possible so if that means you bringing your own goodies, do so! You know what will make you happy and less stressed so take the time to think through if any and all of these items are something you'll require as every person is different.

*** Don't forget your honey will need all their goodies as well so pack one bag together or one for each of you. Andrew and I always share a bag and I went ahead and made him a little "daddy survival kit" with his favorite snacks and things to keep him busy if labor is long and uneventful.

-I'm bringing peppermint for my migraines & for nausea
-I loved creating this and will share soon!
-This only applies if you'll have visitors which Andrew and I don't plan to have anyone but family so I thought when they did come by, they could sign a "guest book" and leave a little love letter to Emery.
-bb cream
-mascara (waterproof)

Now these items come down to what will make your stay more peaceful and like home. Again, labor could be something very easy and quick or it can be an experience that is chaotic, long and hard so I want to be prepared for either scenario. That being said, these items just seem like a good buffer for if there's a lot of down time and I need to get my mind off contractions or simply making me more comfortable while staying away from home.

On the same note with splurging, I decided to get a new bag for our time there to lug everything in. I wanted to have a little treat and something to get excited about when we were whisked (haha- I'm sure it'll be quite dramatic) away about to welcome our angel baby so I chose to get a fabulous black leather duffle bag and a new toiletry carrier from Hudson and Bleecker. With all these little items I was packing, I knew I needed something simple yet functional so I wasn't going through ziploc after ziploc looking for deodorant. That being said, my new case from Hudson and Bleecker is perfection. First off, it's a lovely snake print which I'm obsessed over and carries two clear storage bags inside and one smaller printed zipper pouch. I was able to contain all my toiletries, along with some of my splurge items into this little unit with room to spare. Talk about perfect for packing! Once I'm done using it for the hospital stay, I plan to use the clear bags for our diaper bag and the smaller pouch for a card/key holder for my personal things to also throw in Emery's diaper bag.

I know being a first time mom, this could be an outrageous list but I was really trying to be prepared and feel this is what will work for Andrew and I. If I missed something, please let me know and I'll make sure to pack it away for our delivery day!