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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nude Lips

Hello loves! It's no secret I am a lover of a nude lip (seen here & here) and as much as I try to attempt deep, bold colors, it's just not something I'm used to and I don't feel too much like myself. That being said, I get so many questions on what my favorite nudes are so here is a collection of my favorites as of right now for you to snag all ranging in price! My most favorite is Maybelline because I feel it's super creamy and doesn't dry out my lips and the color is a great summer and fall nude. Hope this helps! And don't miss my beginners guide to nude lipstick, here!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Leather Details

leggings: Forever 21 | top (option): Destination Maternity | booties: Target | bag: H&M | sunnies: Ray-Ban

I am doing all that I can to be creative in the dressing the bump zone and I feel it's becoming so limited. I tried a pair of jeans the other day and quickly realized it's leggings from here on out. Whether it's faux leather like these or my favorite BLANQI ones, that's all she wrote, friends.

As for this top? Well, it will be worn all throughout the cooler months here in AZ because naturally, it's leopard and I'm a sucker for that with my neutral. Destination Maternity did fabulous with this one, I tell ya!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Week End

Remember how I said I felt a little crazy for getting things ready so soon for baby girl? Well last night I experienced some contractions for about 3 hours starting at 18 mins apart increasing to 12 and then they stopped. I'm totally fine now, not hurting or feeling a thing but I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately too. This just assures me I can't be too prepared for her arrival. Just saying!

I also realized last night that every weekend until Emery is due, we have something planned and going on. I have to say I'm a little bummed and a little encouraged by this. On one hand, Andrew and I don't have a lot of just time for us anymore but it also keeps us busy so I'm distracted from the countdown. You win some, you lose some- right?

On a similar note, I've had an overwhelming sense of love for my husband lately. We are celebrating 5 years together in a couple weeks and we talked about how things were when we started dating to how they are now and it's so fun seeing how our life has evolved together. He's been so kind to me, rubbing my feet and being so attentive the last few weeks and I'm just cherishing that man. He has a heart of gold and I never want to take him for granted.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Old Navy Purchases

I went a little crazy at Old Navy not too long ago and wanted to share some of my purchases. I was thinking all things Fall (evidently) and thought how versatile each item is I snagged so I wanted to share here for you babes! They're also having an online only sale today of 25% off using code "SAVEMORE".... happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting Ready

jeans: Gap | top: Destination Maternity | heels: Target | bag (similar styleanother option): H&M | watch: Fossil | sunnies: Ray-Ban

Yesterday I spent some time finalizing nursery details and getting some miscellaneous things accomplished that are baby related. I ended up moving her bassinet into our master bedroom and in place by the bed and then Andrew and I installed the monitor and finished painting her book shelves. I am patiently (....not so patiently) waiting for her Maxi Cosi car seat to arrive as her Quinny stroller did a couple weeks ago and I just want to get it installed in the car.

We have just over 2 weeks until we're full term and I'm wanting to be 100% ready to go at that time. I have yet to get the hospital bag packed but that's on my weekend list and I have my breastfeeding class Saturday. Am I totally crazy for doing all this so early or is it smart? Knowing how badly I want her arriving earlier just makes me think she will come after her due date.... hmpf.