The Lifestyle Change

July 24, 2017

stroller - Austlen | bag- Fawn Design | leggings- Lululemon | tank- PinkBlush | sneaks- Amazon

Everyone says it at one point, they're making a lifestyle change. They're doing all the things to incorporate more into their lives that are healthy, smart and intentional choices to maintain a better lifestyle. My kids have seen me eat what I want, when I want. They've watched me gain weight, lose weight and not ever really be happy with myself. They aren't strangers to the occasional drive thru at Chick-Fil-A or Panda Express.

There, I said it.

Picture Perfect Patio

July 19, 2017

I fell into the Wayfair hole the other day then found myself creating an entire mood board totally shoppable with product I am now dreaming of using to create the most perfect outdoor space for entertaining. Wayfair can seriously do no wrong. They carry everything, all reasonably priced and makes me want to redo our home. Aubrey- 0, Wayfair Marketing- 1.

Because I already made this little board, I thought sharing it with you would be fun! We're hot in AZ now so maybe I can talk my hubby into making this happen in time for fall and cooler weather. It would be the most opportune time since the all the kids birthdays are October and we'll be having a big party. At least that's what I'm telling Andrew. 


Truly, Thank You

July 18, 2017

swimmers | Kortni Jeane

You all were so incredibly encouraging when I posted about body positivity a bit back and I feel I need to extend a proper thank you for the support. I know women deal with insecurities and struggles on a daily basis whether they hear it verbally from people, reading it online or inside their own heads and it typically sucks.


Embracing Functional Pieces as a Mom

July 12, 2017

dress- Dwell + Slumber | sandals- Target | beaded necklace- The Little Biting Tree | gold plate necklace- Made by Mary

This may be so silly to talk about but my hair is getting so long! I'm an avid hair extension wearer and haven't been using them since February or so, trying to embrace my natural length and create volume with product and I think it's been successful! I'm actually loving it. Of course I have days I want to go all mom status and chop it off but I just can't do that. I've come to far!

Heading into the Weekend

July 7, 2017

jeans- American Eagle | top- Love Winnie James | sandals- Target | crossbody bag- Logan and Lenora | stroller- Quinny | emery dress and shoes- Old Navy

It's Friday! I can't tell you how much we needed something to look forward to after our week. Monday, Hollyn came down the a stomach bug, Tuesday it was Drake, Wednesday Emery and Thursday myself and Andrew. It was rough and I felt like at one point we all wanted to die. The kids and I feel a whole lot better but it's lingering for daddy and we are so looking forward to Sunday when he's off to get some much needed refreshing time together as a family... not puking.

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