The Kitchen Reveal!

December 30, 2015

I said I'd be sharing our eat-in nook area of the house in a post and it's really simple and of course, small so I thought I'd pull everything together with our kitchen and that nook into one post... you can see why in the pictures, I'm sure!

Winter Beauty Favorites

December 22, 2015

Since we're all about to get a little time off for Christmas and hopefully New Years too, I wanted to share a few things I'm doing regularly to maintain some basics throughout the winter. I figure you'll have a touch of down time so if you don't have these in your typical routine, it could be fun to try it while you have that break this coming week, yes? I think so!

Coconut Oil- or any hair mask would work well!

Smile Sciences- they're offering their teeth whitening kit for $29 to my readers until January 22nd! It's originally $299 so now is your chance. Use code "AUBREYKIT" when checking out.

Hempz Triple Moisture- I used the regular lotion for a while and it's really great so when I saw this formula, I was excited! Game changer. You can thank me later.

Mint Julep Masque- Using it for years. It's a lifelong friend of mine and it does the job, y'all. The smell is so yummy too!

What's some beauty things you always have in rotation?
I'd love to know and try some new things out!

Eat In Nook | Inspo

December 21, 2015

Happy Monday! I thought we would kick off this crazy Christmas week with a little home post. It's been fun sharing our home in the final stages of completion with decor so today, we're talking the eat in nook we have right between the kitchen and family room. It's outlined with beautiful bay windows and is the perfect spot for morning sunlight. Let me tell ya, that is the ticket for really soaking up a cup of coffee and Jesus time. I love this little space!

I wanted to go simple here because this house does have dark cabinets and counter tops, which we aren't planning on changing because this is a short term home, so I felt it best to go light and   bright here. I really am pleased with that and how it turned out! I'll pull a "reveal" post for this area very soon!

Maxi-Cosi Sweater Knit Collection

December 18, 2015

Eeep! I am so excited and honored to be working with Maxi-Cosi on their recently launched Special Edition Sweater Knit Collection! They reached out and asked me to model for the look book for these new goodies and I was so stoked to be part of that! Of course, I couldn't say no and had to take them up on the amazing offer.

Peppermint Marshmallows with Nutella Hot Chocolate

December 17, 2015

Okay. Can you guys even handle this right now? Uhhh... Abbey is a genius and so good at what she does. I love her for sharing her secrets and yummiest recipes on the blog for you, for me, for your mom and friends. That's one thing most people can relate over- food. And what's better? Holiday food with peppermint and nutella involved. You ready for this treat?

Cody & Alisha's Wedding

December 16, 2015

I feel so honored my sister in law is letting me share her special day with all of you but truly, it's too beautiful not to! I spent a lot of time with my mother in law and other sister in law to create something beautiful for Alisha and I am so thankful she asked me to invest so much into her and her husband 's day. Jenny was the photographer and the amazing coffee bar was by Adopted Coffee so if you're PHX locals, you must check them both out! This day also wouldn't have been so lovely without my brother and his wife allowing us to use a lot of the decor from their wedding. Praise the Lord we had that resource and what generous hearts those two have!

picture overload below!

Functional Mamahood

December 14, 2015

Happy Monday, you guys! It was a really great weekend for us because we spent most of it in Tucson visiting my Gam for her birthday! It's so fun having them close for the winters and only 2 hours away so we have an excuse to take a road trip and soak up some family time. While we were down there Emery was literally a running machine. She thinks any time someone comes walking behind her or even looks at her (ha!) that they're going to chase her so she bolts the other way and belly laughs the whole time. Such a fun stage! Check out her faces below... I die laughing looking through them!

Family Room | Reveal

December 11, 2015

Here's the official reveal! Shot by the lovely Brealyn Nenes too because I really wanted to capture this time of year in our new home. I shared earlier this week the way we pulled in a lot of AllModern items to build out the family room and I'm so pleased with the way things came together. The fun thing about this look is that the Christmas red is really popping and coordinating with the rug! Which, that rug is probably the most requested item when I've shared this room on instagram. I'm so glad you love it!

Family Traditions

December 10, 2015

Every year, we as parents work hard to make sure our kids know that the Christmas season isn't about the presents and the cookies or even the endless movie marathons because we have to fit in all the classics. Although those are all nice traditions and fun things to do, we want our kids to see us in action sharing the love of Christ especially to those who may need a little pick me up during this chaotic time.

Life Updates

December 9, 2015

top left to right then bottom left to right

1 // This verse has been resting on my heart so much recently. It's been a weird, tough season in a few aspects but mainly because of my migraines flaring up again. If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you know I deal with some intense migraines that leave me useless and crippled in pain. Things got better with them when I was pregnant and they really weren't terrible but they are back with a vengeance. More often than not, I'm debating the hospital and hard drugs again because the diets, oils and acupuncture aren't doing it to relieve the pain. This verse has kept me grounded and confident, this is a battle I can fight with His help and I stay positive in that. I'm also doing this devotional again and it's so easy but transparent. Definitely recommend it- I even got a kids version for Drake as a stocking stuffer.

Family Room | Inspo

December 8, 2015

I hope you guys liked how I pulled together my inspiration board with our master bedroom and shared it here! There seemed to be a lot of great feedback when posting it so I figured we would do the same with another hugely used room in our home- the family room!

We have a total open concept main floor so you can see the dining room, family room and bar from walking in the front door and just beyond that is the kitchen. So when standing in the kitchen, again, you can see everything! We love that and was such an appeal to us when house hunting because we enjoy entertaining and wanted a space that would do that nicely.

Master Bedroom | Reveal

December 1, 2015

I shared last week (here) the inspiration for our master bedroom so I'm excited to give you a glimpse at the room with those pieces involved! It is still a work in progress as I mentioned it's really big (you're not seeing half the room in this post) so we are needing a dresser still and some more seating details but this gives you the gist of how things have taken shape. Soft, clean, whimsy and inviting. Just the way we like it!

Makeup Updates

November 30, 2015

I was in Ulta last week just browsing so some random items and I came across It Cosmetics. I've seen it all around the web and have really been intrigued lately to give it a shot... so I went for it! My skin lately isn't having makeup and everything I've been usually working with, doesn't seem to cover or give me the finish I want and introducing anything new is a nightmare but once you're so far in, it's worth trying more until you find the right one.

Planning for 2016

November 27, 2015

Planner time! My OCD organizing self is so excited to dig into a new planner for 2016 and of course, I went with Design Love Co as I did last year! They've upgraded these beauties to be bigger, more sturdy and they have the best little tear outs in the back for better planning details which are available to buy as refills online too! I went with the marble/light blue design this year because I did classic stripes last year and I love having the option to pick now. 

Feeling Festive

November 25, 2015

It's not a secret what so ever that I am all about the cooler temps and wearing things that cover... ah hem... dem curves (ie: dimples and rolls). Flowy tops and booties basically sum up my fall and winter attire and I always top things off with a chunky cardigan or jacket so this one was speaking my language! I thought it would be perfect to wear for the upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday or for a simple date out with my man- which is what I wore it for on Sunday!

How To | Chunky Braided Bun

November 24, 2015

So many people asked about this hair style when I posted it on instagram last week. Good news is that it's so simple and easy to do and this is without hair extensions. I have to disclose, my hair is so fine and doesn't have volume on it's own so I've found when I play around with braids and pulling them apart, I can give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Practice makes perfect so I hope you give this a try!

Master Bedroom | Inspo

November 23, 2015

We are three months into our new home and I think we're settled?? Who knows! To be frank, all the boxes were unpacked and things were in it's place within 3 days but over time and as you live with things, it's inevitable rearranging will happen. Do you do that too or just me?

All the rooms fell pretty seamlessly into place but the one I was struggling with was the master bedroom. It was so much larger than our old house so we actually had room to play with and very little furniture to fill it. Talk about double the size so we could actually fit a dresser and couch or cozy seating area now. Whoop! It also meant that our cheap-o IKEA furniture was just throwing me off and looking real out of place. It did us proud for 5 strong years and was still in great condition but you know the saying... new house, new furniture. Or something like that! ;)

That was my motto so I took some time and really thought through how I wanted that space to be. We love our white linens and the airy feel we've always had but I wanted to touch with some rustic pieces while also keeping it grown up and lovely at first glace. Not like there are a bunch of junk yard pieces but more like it's a well thought out, curated space that is refreshing to Andrew and I.

So me being me, I spent some time and created a little collage of my ideas and items I've been day dreaming about to see how the space would look completed... and naturally, I have to share it with you!

I'm sure you've seen shots here and there of it on snapchat or instagram but I'll reveal the final room next week!

Weekly Recap

November 21, 2015

It's the weekend! It's funny how before kids you just can't wait for the weekend and enjoying that quiet, down time and then when you have kids, that's a silly joke! I go into each weekend thinking it'll be quiet and calm and restful and somehow it's even more busy and congested than the week itself. Either way, I found some great things around the web this week so take a look...

MINT FILES // These are the perfect, fun touch for my ever organizing self! Nate Berkus really can't go wrong regardless but adding mint and a way to stay on top of filing and you can count me in. I also got this acrylic file box to display them cute. I also want to note a lot of the reviews say they don't come with the tabs to label but mine definitely did!

BABY SLEEP HELP // Megan mentioned this facebook page a couple days ago and I went ahead and requested to be part of the group because all us moms need tips with our kids and sleeping, right? Emery is in a funk with her schedule right now so I'm happy to have this resource!

TRAVEL BAG // I may not use this for traveling because we don't do much of that but it's perfect for throwing my "catch all" items into for my purse or diaper bag! IE: hair ties, gum, tylenol, chapstick, bobby pins...etc. I also got a couple for gifts for Christmas with the ladies in my family. This and this - favorites!

THIN/FINE HAIR BOOSTER // I used to work at a hair salon when I was 18 and loved this stuff! I recently came across it again and started using it since I'm going without extensions right now and it really gives such a great boost to my thin/fine hair. Give it a try if your hair is like mine!

That's all for now, ladies! Enjoy your weekend and let's get some rest for the upcoming Thanksgiving week, yes? 

I T E M S   M E N T I O N E D

Introducing // BLANQI Baby Bundle

November 20, 2015

BLANQI is my go-to pregnancy shop because I love the quality, the customer service, the inventory they offer and better yet, the on trend pieces every expecting mama-to-be needs to survive those long 10 months. They are always thinking ahead and wanting to provide mama's and new babies with the best and I'm so excited to share they are launching a limited edition BLANQI Baby Bundle! Available to shop November 21st but you can enter to win the full set, here. You can also use code "AUBREYFREESHIP" when ordering for free shipping! #winning

A B O U T   T H E   B U N D L E

"B is for baby! The BLANQI Baby Bundle includes our limited edition June & January new baby set. Exclusively made for BLANQI, the blanket, knotted beanie and 0-3 month onesie takes our B logo and makes it mini.

Our bundle couldn't be complete without the Solly Baby children's babywearing board book for bonding time, all organic Wash with Water lotion and soap bar for dreamy bath time, and Milestone® new baby cards to photograph your baby’s moments for when it’s smile time."

How cute is that? We love all the companies that came together on this bundle so you know when we're pregnant next time, this bundle will come in handy!

Mother + Child

November 19, 2015

Back in August we did a styled shoot with mother + child co and I'm finally getting around to sharing them on the blog. They're beautifully styled sessions with Stacey of Dream Photography Studio and Paige of The Love Designed Life. They came into my home, styled me and created my flower crown to shoot with and captured some lovely moments between Emery and I. Something I'll cherish, always!

they're PHX based but available to wander
if you're interested in your own session, contact them, here.

My Dude

November 18, 2015

Mamahood isn't just the highlight reel you're seeing on instagram. It's not just the cute giggly snaps added to a "story" or even the staged photos for the blog. It's getting messy and emotional and feeling like a complete train wreck but also feeling loved and rewarded with big smiles and hugs and quiet moments.

I walked into my bedroom on Saturday evening to Drake and Emery watching Daniel Tiger on my phone. It was such a sweet, calm moment between those two. We had just spent the day at the zoo and I was exhausted from the night before having driven home from Tucson at midnight. Typically when you hear silence with kids, something veeeeery bad is happening. Thankfully, my dude took control and was just giving me some quiet mama time.

The last few weeks have been hard with sickness and chaos around the house and feelings of discontent as we embrace the holiday season and always trying to divide our time fairly. It's more and more known to me that Drake is taking on another "father" figure to Emery than a brother because that boy is giving me the time and space and help I need at the drop of a hat. I'm so thankful for him and his blessings in my life. He's a dream and God seriously knew what he was doing placing him and Andrew into my life and heart 6 years ago.

Final Christmas Cards

November 17, 2015

And here they are! Whoop! I shared last week a few of my favorites from Minted for cards this year- which were all adorable!- and these are the ones we chose for sending this year (in navy to match our Broncos, naturally). I've been browsing the Target Christmas section every time I went the last couple weeks and really got reminiscent on how we used to send a classic card every year... no picture but just a simple something saying Merry Christmas. It was so fun to go with my mom and choose something beautiful and honoring Christ so this year, I went nostalgic. I thought this design was a perfect happy medium of something that's classic and very traditional on one side but fun and "us" on the back. Go Broncos! :)

is being amazing and giving away $100 to one of you!
check out my instagram today on how to enter!

What do you think? Is this a good pick for marrying the old Christmas card style and something 2015-esque? I can't wait to send these out... the day after Thanksgiving! ;)


The New 'Do

November 16, 2015

I did it again. Went the more natural look with my hair and pulled down a soft grow out ombre and it's been so great! I'm typically nervous about the darker roots because I like being a bright, ashy blonde and love that color but I also love the low maintenance of a grown out look and how it's easy. I met up with my sweet friend, Dominique to get me all dialed in and she did such a great job! We've worked together in the past and we had such a good time so it was the perfect mommy day out, chatting with a friend! She just had her son not long ago and is back to work, full speed ahead and is accepting new clients!

She's offering a new client special right now where you can take 20% off your service with her until November 30th and she has Halo Couture hair extensions 30% off right now! Contact her to book your appointment!

hairstylist // east valley, az

tell her Aubrey sent you!

kitty sweater // SheIn

Eyelash Extensions | Q+A

November 11, 2015

I recently took the plunge and started getting eyelash extensions from Erica and I'm two visits in, starting to get the hang of things and really loving the outcome. I know I was super hesitant before getting started because it's pricey and can be high maintenance but I thought opening it up to you, my followers with a Q&A would be appealing to give you some honest, behind the scenes info! Thank you to everyone who asked questions on my instagram post... let's review!

Q: I always hear that the lash extensions ruin your natural lashes, is that true, or is it just the fact that when the false ones are off your eyes feel/look naked?

A: This one I feel is actually 100% in your hands! If you're picking at the extensions and pulling them out... of course it will pull your natural out with it. That being said, if you're good about not playing or pulling at them, they won't hurt your own!

And yes, I'm sure when I'm no longer wearing them, I'll feel totally naked but let's not think about that now... ;)

Q: What's the longest you can go before a fill? How do you wash your face/makeup off with them? Do you brush them daily?

A: It's recommended to go 2-3 weeks between fills as your natural lashes shed causing the extensions to shed with them. I personally go every 2 weeks because I like them to stay full but if your lash cycle isn't as aggressive with shedding, I'm sure you could be generous pushing to 3 weeks!

When washing my face, I'm intentional about not rubbing my lashes at all. This will cause the glue to break down and leave me with the extensions falling out. I simply go around my eyes and ever so slightly address my lids to remove eye shadow.

I brush them daily before applying makeup! They are pretty messy after sleeping on them!

Q: Is sleeping an issue? How often do they shed?

A: I haven't found sleeping to be an issue. When I wake up, they're not straight and perfect so brushing through them is key!

Q: What do you look for when choosing the person to do your extensions? Do you still wear mascara? What the the average cost for the set?

A: I love reviews so before I got mine done, I read all up on Erica and was actually referred to her my friend, Jaime so I felt confident moving forward with her. Ask questions! If you're wanting to try them, call around and ask what makes the aesthetician different than others... why you should choose her and not someone else? It puts them on the spot to earn your trust and business!

Mascara isn't necessary with them because they're dark and full on their own. You can definitely wear it, but keep in mind, removing it will break down the glue quicker, meaning fills will be needed often. You can use baby shampoo to gently remove mascara.

Erica charges $85 for a full set and $45 for a fill which is the best deal I've come across! I feel like it's average about $150-$200 for a full set and about $80-$90 for a fill.

Q: Do the lash extensions damage your real lashes?? That's what I'm afraid of! And how long does it last? Cost?

A: They don't as long as you're not pulling and picking at them! (see first answer above)

You can typically go 2-3 weeks between fills and maintaining them but again, that's up to you and how you're treating them outside the appointments.

See cost above!

Q: How long in between fills? Can you wear mascara over? Cost worth it?

A: See my reply to all these questions above! :)

Q: Do lash extensions damage real lashes // do you still use mascara?!?

A: See my reply to all these questions above! :)

All in all, it seems like you guys had a lot of the same questions which surprised me! I hope going through this gave you a little insight for what to expect! It does take 2-3 days to really get used to them because they're so long, but not heavy at all. Also, it's an adjustment being mindful when washing your face or showering because my instinct is to rub my eyes but all in time, it's more normal because cautious around them!

If you have any more questions based on this, leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you!

Also, if you're in the PHX area and want to see Erica, she's booking for clients now!

E R I C A   B R Y A N
skin and lash studio - peoria, az

Let her know Aubrey sent you!

Christmas Card Contenders

November 10, 2015

It's the middle of November meaning most families are taking pictures for their Holiday cards and I am one skipping out on the styled family shoot this year... GASP. I know. It's just been busy and I wanted to get ahead of the game and order some cards so I could be my usual self, sending them out the day after Thanksgiving so with schedules, it wasn't happening doing a styled session.

BUT I was able to pull a cute little picture of the kids and browse around Minted for a good 3 hours to pick our cards. That's always such a fun part to me! The designs sites have recently are to.die.for but Minted takes the cake for me. They have hundreds of options ranging from the classic Christmas to a trendy chalkboard or real foil detailing. Anyone can find something, I'm sure of it!

I'm not quite ready to share the actual cards we picked but in the mean time, here were a few contenders!

Minted is having 20% off foil pressed products until Nov. 16th so make sure to check them out!

Sleeping Soundly

November 3, 2015

You know those mornings you wake up and feel like stupid refreshed and excited to take on the day? It's totally not the normal waking up feeling because if we're being honest, do you truly sleep well and soundly when you have a little one you're always on edge waiting to hear and a 10 year old that snores louder than a train? You know what I'm saying? Andrew and I got a king size bed last September while I was pregnant and yes, the space was amazing but the comfort was lacking. Since then we've been debating getting a new bed (again!) and couldn't decide what route to take.

I've been seeing around the web the "boxed mattress" idea and found it intriguing so we began researching it more and more. 4Sleep came to my attention and after showing my husband, he said go for it! Within a week, our mattress was shipped straight to our doorstep in a friendly box that was brainless opening and getting set up. Perfection. Total ease. Comfortable. We did that on Sunday and the kids were loving (husband included) having something fun to jump around on for a while!

I love that it's made 100% in the USA and it keeps my body temperature right on so I'm not too hot or too cold. In all honesty, it does take getting used to if you're not familiar with memory foam but my husband and I both have already noticed we're not tossing and turning and we're waking up without aches and pains. I never realized how important a quality mattress was until we got one! Ha!

I thought I'd pull a couple pros and cons to the ever comparing person...

P R O S //
  • ships directly to you
  • made 100% in the USA
  • regulates body temperature
  • it contours really well to your body
  • not too soft but not too firm
  • gentle leg support on the edge- um, game changer!!
  • 100 day risk free in home trial is offered

C O N S //
  • it's heavier than the average mattress because of the memory foam- not really bad but does require 2 people to move it (in my opinion)
  • sides don't have handles to easily grab for moving ease (just a picky thing I like!)

I hope this helps you with some feedback! You can save $75 (here) when ordering your new mattress from 4Sleep! And make sure to follow them on instagram because they share some awesome videos and reviews from customers that give you a better insight to the fun!

G I V E A W A Y //
Check out my instagram for your chance to win a mattress for yourself!